We help you lease and manage your rental

The main difference between ADUs and other renovation projects is the monthly rental income they can generate.

We support listing and leasing--short or long-term. We have experience in the rental marketplace and will place your listing and screen potential renters. We also will set up a lease agreement and direct deposit of rent.

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What DO
Our Standards
  • Concierge service
  • High quality windows and doors
  • Stone Countertops
  • Tankless Water Heaters
  • Central Air
  • Solar Panels
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Long Term Warranties
  • Innovative Landscaping
  • Luxury Furnishing
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We Deal with

The VADU Benefit:

We work only for property owners--helping enhance the value of your real estate to realize your financial/personal goals.

We manage the conversion of underperforming commercial spaces into extremely valuable residential housing.

We know the law, municipalities, architects and builders to quickly and cost-effectively create thriving multi-family properties to rent.

And, we are ADU (accessory dwelling unit) experts.

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