VADU Pricing


VADU is local, community-focused, female owned and run.

We create exceptional value with our:

  • Relationships with municipal leaders and employees involved in housing.
  • Knowledge of state housing mandates, regional zoning, and local opportunities for residential expansion in mixed use areas.
  • Experience guiding regulators and builders in the area of ADU build-outs.
  • Connections with builders, architects, inspectors, contractors, and designers.
  • Construction, rental, and renovation project experience in Marin.

Invest Step by Step:

Free Consultation

We listen to your goals and help you determine your options. We give you an estimate on lead time, costs, financing options, and return-on-investment.

On-site Evaluation
  1. Meet with property owner at site.
  2. Zoning check
  3. Building code review
  4. Site evaluation
  5. Possible dimensions and location of potential ADU
  6. Utility requirements
  7. Fire protection requirements 
  8. Parking requirements
  9. ADU feasibility report

Cost: $500

On-Site Evaluation + Building Guidance & Project Plan

All steps under "On-Site Evaluation", plus:

  1. Continued consultation with owners.
  2. Work with local permitting and planning departments to map out an expedited build compliant with state and municipal ADU and zoning laws.
  3. Review by a commercial/residential property inspector of site/property details to highlight what is needed to convert from commercial to residential or convert part of existing home to JADU.
  4. Preliminary budget from a builder for planning purposes and/or usage.
  5. Guide to grants and advice on how to obtain.
  6. Realistic entire project pricing, timeline, and potential hurdles.
  7. A current market projection of rental income.
  8. Presentation of report with solutions and a project plan tailored to your goals.

Cost: $4500, Minus Step 2 Fee

Full Service
  1. Following VADU’s in-depth report we act on the owner’s behalf to project manage the entire build.
  2. Design details guidance.
  3. Ensure permits are obtained, apply for grants, interact with elected officials and employees.
  4. Work with architect/general contractor to ensure project is on-time and realistically within budget.
  5. As project managers we deal with the unexpected.
  6. We give guidance on renting.

Cost: 10% of Project Cost, Minus All Previous Fees

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The VADU Benefit:

We work only for property owners--helping enhance the value of your real estate to realize your financial/personal goals.

We manage the conversion of underperforming commercial spaces into extremely valuable residential housing.

We know the law, municipalities, architects and builders to quickly and cost-effectively create thriving multi-family properties to rent.

And, we are ADU (accessory dwelling unit) experts.

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