Value Added

July 18, 2022

What does it mean to say something is value added? Defined by the difference between the cost to produce a product and the price of the product.  Value added is the real or perceived value between these two amounts.

For a property, value added are improvements like the build of an ADU. The ADU may cost $250,000 to build but the value of the entire property is increased. Perceived value with additional space and actual value with rental income.

For a service, value added is professionalism and timely execution.

For an experience, value added is the comfort in knowing that you are getting the best service.

Value Added is VADU Value Added Dwelling Unit. 

The VADU Benefit:

We work only for property owners--helping enhance the value of your real estate to realize your financial/personal goals.

We manage the conversion of underperforming commercial spaces into extremely valuable residential housing.

We know the law, municipalities, architects and builders to quickly and cost-effectively create thriving multi-family properties to rent.

And, we are ADU (accessory dwelling unit) experts.

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