JADUs — Junior Accessory Dwelling Units — Housing Solutions in Marin

April 25, 2022

Fully 25% of single-family homes in Marin are occupied by one person.  Many of these are seniors and some live on very fixed incomes.  Further, we have an affordable housing crisis.  

One multi-beneficial solution are Junior accessory dwelling units (JADUs). California law allows a homeowner to convert an existing bedroom into a studio apartment by adding a new outdoor entrance, installing a kitchenette, and either sharing an existing bathroom or building a dedicated one for the studio apartment.

Importantly, for rural homeowners, JADUs require no septic inspection or evaluation since an existing bedroom is being converted. Added parking is not a requirement, either, as long as the JADU is created from a pre-existing bedroom in the home.

JADUs tend to be easy to construct, Marin County has waived some fees, there will be no tax impact beyond a simple remodel and permitting for a compliant JADU needs to happen within 60 days.

With many retired singles and couples living in multi-bedroom homes in Marin, the potential for JADU bedroom conversions is promising.

Affordable housing crisis?  Inflation pressures?  The solution may be right under our feet

The VADU Benefit:
We work only for the property owner--helping enhance the value of their properties and realize financial/personal goals.

We manage the conversion of underperforming commercial spaces to extremely valuable residential housing.

We know the law, municipalities, architects and builders to quickly and cost-effectively create thriving multi-family properties to rent or sell or an ADU on/in your home.

We will give you a free assessment on the potential value of your property.

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