An ADU will impact my home’s tax base, and other myths.

May 10, 2022

It is true, adding an ADU will affect your California property taxes, but your primary house will not be reassessed, and your property taxes will only increase based on the added value of your ADU.

If you have low property taxes because you have owned your home for many years, your base assessment will not be affected. The assess or can only review the value of the improvement.

Even better?  

Junior ADUs or interior conversions have much less (or in some case, no effect) on your taxes.

And for those of you who think about 1031exchanges, the portion of your primary home that is rented as an ADU could be eligible for this potentially significant tax savings.



The VADU Benefit:
We work only for the property owner--helping enhance the value of their properties and realize financial/personal goals.

We manage the conversion of underperforming commercial spaces to extremely valuable residential housing.

We know the law, municipalities, architects and builders to quickly and cost-effectively create thriving multi-family properties to rent or sell or an ADU on/in your home.

We will give you a free assessment on the potential value of your property.

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