What is Affordable Housing in Marin?

March 10, 2022

Pursuant to the most recent income level data from the State Department of Housing and Community Development, dated December 31, 2021, the median family income (MFI) in Marin County was $149,600. For the five identified household income categories, household income levels for four-person households are defined as follows:

• Extremely Low Income: Households with incomes up to $54,800.

• Very Low Income: Households with incomes between $54,801-$91,350.

• Low Income: Households with incomes between $91,351-$146,350

• Moderate Income: Households with incomes between $146,351-$179,500.

• Above Moderate Income: Households with incomes over $179,501.

Marin continues to be a difficult place to afford to live. Home values rose 17% in the last year to historic highs, with August 2021’s median price at $1.8 million. The average cost for a two-bedroom rental varies by housing type and location, but Marin remains one of the most expensive counties in California to rent a home. According to the 2021 National Low Income Housing Coalition’s “Out of Reach” study, Marin tenants must make $68.33 an hour, or $142,120 annually, to rent a modest two-bedroom home estimated to cost $3,553 a month.

ADUs are a clear path to help meet communities' Housing Element Plans, and if rented at $2500-$3000 month, are a strong investment for homeowners.

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